Can Santa Bring Me Whiter Teeth?
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Can Santa Bring Me Whiter Teeth?

Can Santa Bring Me Whiter Teeth?

Yes he can!!! It is time for our Holiday Bleaching Special. We are offering take home bleach trays with solution for an amazing $155.00. That is a savings of $100.00.  It is absolutely true that if you are not whitening you are yellowing. Why not have whiter teeth for the holidays?

Bleach trays are a simple and effective way to whiten your teeth. After Dr. Michel makes sure you are a candidate for bleaching, we take impressions of your teeth to fabricate the trays which only take a day or two.  Then it’s time to start bleaching. You wear them once a day for 30 minutes for up to 2 weeks. After that they are yours to use whenever you feel you need to touch up. This means no need to completely give up your coffee or red wine etc. When you notice your teeth are not looking pearly white anymore,  just pop your trays in for 30 minutes for a few days and smile!

Call our office today for an appointment. Let Santa bring you whiter teeth for Christmas!


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