I Want Whiter Teeth!
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I Want Whiter Teeth!

I Want Whiter Teeth!

There are now many different ways to achieve a whiter smile.  Options have increased substantially since having whiter, brighter teeth has become the number one aesthetic concern of patients. As we age the outer layer of the enamel erodes leaving a more yellow tone of the underlying inner tooth. Smoking, tea, coffee, wine and other staining substances, add to the dulling and yellowing over time. It is true – if you are not whitening- you are yellowing. Whitening or bleaching is an easy non-invasive way to get and keep that white smile. Some ways include over the counter products, toothpastes and rinses as well as professionally supplied at home or in-office treatments.

If you have been down the dental aisle of the store lately you have seen the array of over the counter whitening products. There are toothpastes, rinses, strips, paint on, boil and bite trays, and the list goes on. These products can work but they are not as strong as the professional treaments and are sometimes not approved or regulated by the American Dental Associaton.

The most common professional treatments are in-office applied and take home bleaching trays. Whitening / bleaching trays are custom made from impressions to fit your teeth.  At home you apply a small layer of material to the trays and wear them for approximately 30 minutes a day for up to two weeks. Anytime you feel like the staining is returning you just pop the trays back in for a touch up.  We also provide an in-office treatment for people who want that immediate result. You spend about an hour in the chair. We place a protective barrier on the gums and cover your teeth in the bleaching material, cure with a special light, rinse and repeat. Both treatments work very well and are available in our office.

It is important to allow Dr. Michel to evaluate your teeth and make sure you are a candidate for whitening treatments. Not everyone is. Some dental restorations cannot be whitened and would need to be replaced. Your mouth should be free of decay and disease.

If you are interested in any whitening treatments give our office a call. We love to make you smile!


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