• Some Facts About Flossing

    WE KNOW, MOST OF US LEARNED HOW TO FLOSS IN OUR YOUNGER YEARS, so what about flossing keeps us away from it as an adult? We hear all sorts of flossing questions during visits at our By The Sea Dentistry office. Many of our patients ask us which type of floss we recommend, or what is the best technique for them to follow.

    Flossing Basics:

    For starters, the type of floss you use isn’t nearly as important as the amount you’re flossing. Most of the options available are just to accommodate our different types of teeth. The thickness of floss that works for you can depend on the spacing of your teeth. Just like toothpaste flavors, floss comes in a variety to make flossing more enjoyable. Whatever method, flavor, or thickness you prefer is the one you should use so that flossing is as pleasant as you can make it.

    The importance of flossing is the same for everyone. Flossing removes bacteria between your teeth. Think of it as a toothbrush for where those bristles can’t reach. Just like on the larger surfaces of your teeth, bacteria left alone  here will harden to become plaque, then tartar. Tartar buildup can only be removed through a professional cleaning. If tartar is not removed it can cause gum swelling or bleeding, commonly called gingivitis, which is the first symptom of gum disease.

    You may have been flossing for years now, but here’s a short video to check out your technique:

    What’s the rule of thumb for flossing?

    The ADA recommends flossing once a day as part of your oral routine. Because flossing helps clean where your toothbrush can’t reach, it can be helpful to floss first so that the fluoride from your toothpaste can get to all areas.

    Dr. Michel prefers that you floss at night for a clean mouth before bed. Some of the people here at our practice use a flossing wand because it seems to give the perfect amount of tension. So pick a flavor, set a routine and get flossing…  Keep those teeth healthy and clean!

    Keep up with more than just flossing:

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