Diagnodent Helps Dr. Michel With Early Decay Detection
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Diagnodent Helps Dr. Michel With Early Decay Detection

Diagnodent Helps Dr. Michel With Early Decay Detection

HERE AT BY THE SEA DENTISTRY WE’RE ALL ABOUT ONE THING—remarkable, personable patient care. Part of that is, of course, the way in which we treat our patients. The second part is about materials, procedures, and technologies.

We know that you’re likely not very interested in lengthy writings about dental equipment. It’s not exactly stimulating dinner conversation! When it comes to dental treatment technologies, all you probably want to know is what is it and why is it great for you.

We understand.

So, here’s the dealio…

Diagnodent is a tool we use to better detect tooth decay that isn’t visible. It’s non-evasive and painless because it uses a harmless laser beam to measure fluorescence inside each tooth’s structure. The readings from the Diagnodent light are translated into both numeric data we read, and audible output. Healthy teeth have little or no fluorescence. Teeth with decay have higher levels of fluorescence.

The decision Dr. Michel made to provide Diagnodent here in our practice has direct benefit for you—our valued patient. When decay is detected earlier the extent of treatment is reduced, which reduces cost and hassle for you. We keep little problems from becoming big ones. Diagnodent gives us a significant diagnostic advantage.

So the next time you visit our practice, you’ll know a little bit more about another one of the advanced technologies we use to help you keep your smile healthy for life.

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